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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services for VARs

We are a Dynamics 365 VAR too. We get the demands: implementations all hitting at the same time, not enough of the right skill set when you need it, the big opportunity that is crushing your internal development team, under-servicing of existing clients, upgrades past due.  SAGlobal’s advantEDGE services are designed to support your business of implementing Dynamics 365 for Sales, Operations or PSA. 

Scroll down the page to view the catalogue of services we offer get your clients live and well supported. Subcontracting out client services can be a strategic advantage, when done right. Our experience as a development partner for Microsoft has grounded us in the right methodologies to deliver quality, timely work so your Dynamics 365 practice is more successful.


Microsoft Dynamics Services for VARs
SAGlobal put us at ease within the first few meetings with their deep knowledge and expertise on the offshore upgrade process.

Gert Neetesonne
Operations Manager, Edan

advantEDGE VAR services

  • Customization Design

    Often the bottleneck on client development is getting a functional specification done. Specialized functional resources are in high demand. SAGlobal’s strong functional team can work with your clients to capture requirements and convert those requirements to quality functional specifications – to be consumed by your development team or SAGlobal’s. In addition to functional design, SAGlobal’s technical team can assist in the technical design of your client modifications. In addition to writing technical specification documents our team brings experience to the table to help you design according to the new extension requirements of D365 for Operations.

  • Customization Development

    D365 for Operations development is our core competency: big or small, simple or complex our development resources can accelerate your project delivery time. We build out quality code, delivered on schedule, in collaboration with your development teams through Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). Our collaborative, short sprint approach lets you have quick visibility into progress to date and visualize how the solution is developing. Our experience on every version of Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Operations gives us the depth of knowledge to tackle any of your complex development needs. We will work from your existing designs and provide quality feedback on approach and design considerations or can turnkey from design to code to test. Service areas include: creation of classes, tables, forms, entities, extension – all elements of the Dynamics 365 for Operations coding architecture. In addition, we provide services on localization and language file translation.

  • Version Upgrades

    Like many cloud solutions, Dynamics 365 for Operations is moving towards a continuous upgrade strategy. The cadence of releases from Microsoft will substantially increase over previous versions’ release schedules. Clients will be looking for more frequent, smaller upgrade strategies, especially those with multiple ISV solutions and heavy customizations.

    Code upgrades typically involve re-factoring, especially when upgrading from previous versions. Old methods of coding need to be re-designed to be compliant with the new Dynamics 365 for Operations architecture. Where you used to be able to overlay standard Microsoft code, now customizations need to be implemented through the extension and delegate approach. Re-factoring requires both specific skill set and development bandwidth as the amount of work can be daunting.

    Your existing customers on previous versions of Dynamics AX will look to take advantage of the new technology and features of Dynamics 365 for Operations. Managing this upgrade load while continuing to grow your new Dynamics 365 business can stretch your in-house capabilities. SAGlobal can put an upgrade program in place under your partner branding to expand your capacity at a compelling price point.

  • Documentation

    In today’s business solution environment, customers expect up-to-date, comprehensive solution documentation that is quickly accessible within the application or complementary in the cloud. Old PDF versions need replacing with wikis, knowledge bases, and other modern learning system tools. Dynamics 365 for Operations provides some excellent new tools such as the task recorder and business process library to assist in the application knowledge transfer client modifications and specialized Dynamics 365 processes. SAGlobal provides services around these tools plus traditional feature and process documentation.

  • Testing

    When it comes to software testing – we all wish we had more time and budget. It is an area that always faces constraints – you need more functional consultants, testing scenarios are not deep enough, or development slips and the testing time gets squeezed. Having provided testing resources to Microsoft for years, SAGlobal resources can supply the extra bandwidth or skill set needed to test your client development to the highest quality level. Post-go live “bug busts” can accelerate client acceptance timelines and allow your team to focus on the next initiative. We can deploy both manual or automated test strategies, or a hybrid approach. Services areas for testing include: designing test scenarios, unit testing, business process testing, automated testing, and performance testing.

  • Data Management

    One of the major changes between Dynamics 365 for Operations and its previous versions is the relationship with data. No longer do you have direct access to tables for the import and export of data. All activity must move through data entities – an abstraction and de-normalized encapsulation of the database elements. Creating and working with data entities and all the associated structures such as data packages, data extensions, and process data packages requires an entirely new skill set for ISVs. Having worked with Dynamics 365 for Operations (Formerly AX7) since the early preview versions in 2015, SAGlobal is positioned to provide the expertise and staffing to support your data management needs. Service areas for data management include: data entity creation, data package definitions, data deployment testing, “golden” or default data management, data conversions, and system integrations.

  • BI and Reporting

    Your client implementations are incomplete without a robust business intelligence (BI) and reporting toolset. Customers expect it from the onset, not as a follow-on phase trickling in after the solution implementation. Dynamics 365 for Operations brings an entirely new approach for BI – using the Entity Store and PowerBI. The Entity Store is an operational database within the solution optimized for reporting. Customers can use Microsoft Power BI DirectQuery models together with Entity store to enable high-volume, near-real-time analytical reporting over large volumes of data. Workspaces have replaced the role center pages of previous versions. While these new technologies are powerful for the end customer they require an entirely new skill set for the Dynamics partner. SAGlobal is positioned to support all your BI and Reporting needs: building out a data model, developing a BI and reporting strategy for your client solutions, workspace customization, creating aggregate reporting measures for the Entity Store, PowerBI reports and dashboards, and SSRS reporting.

  • Environment Management
    Managing client environments requires specialized knowledge within your organization, often with tasks being completed outside your normal working hours. SAGlobal’s managed services team can perform environment and deployment tasks such as: code builds, code promotion, hotfix installation, database backup and restores, environment review, and performance optimization. Utilizing our team for these client services frees bandwidth for your team to focus on more strategic value tasks and offers the client more options for when services are performed, all at a competitive price point.
  • 24/7 Support Desk
    SAGlobal provides complete help desk services to extend your in-house support team. Support needs can fluctuate with the cyclic nature of implementations often leaving you over or under staffed on support. Our team can fill those gaps while providing extended day and hour options you may not be currently supporting. Services provided can include: ticket triage, level 1, 2 or 3 level support, support analytics, advanced troubleshooting, issue replication and documentation, and knowledge base maintenance.
  • Globalization

    Your clients may have a global reach beyond your usual practice geography. Or if it is an AX2012 implementation you may need country layer merges. Often these are follow-on phases after your core team is finished with the implementation. As a partner with global implementation experience and a trusted development partner to Microsoft for Dynamics localizations, SAGlobal can provide services to support your globalization needs such as: label translation, GER configuration, statutory feature development, environment testing after localization deployments, and documentation.

SAGlobal participated in the Technology Adoption Program for the Sure Step Migration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX. They ramped up quickly, and showed substantial progress within the first week of working together, providing valuable and timely feedback to help us improve the tool. We feel they are well positioned to perform data migrations from competing systems to Microsoft Dynamics™ AX using the tool, and build new source adapters on the tool’s extensibility framework.

Tom Patton
Program Manager, Technology Adoption Program (TAP) Microsoft Dynamics™ AX

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