AppSource Validation

AppSource is Microsoft’s new platform to engage business users searching for additional solutions to expand their implementations of Dynamics 365, Office 365, PowerBI and other Cloud solutions.  Through this platform, users can explore and request trials of industry specific, niche or horizontal solutions that will extend their Dynamics 365 investment.  Certifying and publishing your ISV solution on AppSource is critical to lead generation and staying competitive in the ISV marketplace. 

The AppSource certification process can be daunting as it requires many different competencies all needing to proceed in close coordination.  Typical tasks to achieve validation are:

  • Code version upgrade (AX2009, AX2012, or earlier D365 for Operations releases)
  • Refactoring of code:
    • Eliminate overlaying and instead utilize new extension framework
    • Solution package splitting (break up into smaller, faster upgradeable units)
    • Implement missing form styles
  • Documenting CAR (best practices report) to Microsoft
  • Solution functional testing
  • Creation of data entities to support data import/export
  • Assembling/testing entities into data packages and process data packages
  • Deployment of test environments and creation of process data package validation video for Microsoft
  • Creation of LCS Solution packaging up all models, binaries, databases, etc.
  • Design of functional business process library (BPMs) and task recordings for each BPM node
  • Default date creation and maintenance
  • Validation meeting pre-review
  • Project management

SAGlobal provides end-to-end services to fast track your solution through the AppSource validation process or selected services to complement your ongoing AppSource validation

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