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CASE STUDY: Driving discoverability of ISV Solution on Microsoft AppSource

SAGlobal helps Loki Systems ISV solution get curated on Microsoft AppSource

Based on our experience, I would highly recommend SAGlobal as a strong and flexible partner for any ISV Partner seeking product development assistance”

Richard Swann, President, Loki Systems


LOKI are Microsoft Gold Certified ISV and ERP partners, and their products have been awarded the highest standard of development certification offered by Microsoft for Dynamics.

Advanced Payroll AX was the only Microsoft certified global payroll solution. It integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics AX in the HR module and included Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Project functionality, as well as Microsoft SQL Server™ Reporting Services.

Business Situation

LOKI System's Advanced Payroll solution was an ISV vertical solution that supported the AX 2012 R3 version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. LOKI wanted to upgrade their ISV solution to the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud based version. As they were already involved in another vertical development project, they didn’t have the bandwidth to undertake the AX 2012 R3 conversion and complete the vertical solution development.

Loki wanted to ensure that they could continue supporting their customers and partners by bringing the product into the latest version with the least disruption to business as usual. Through Microsoft AppSource, Loki intended to drive discoverability and usage of their ISV application within the existing network of Microsoft Partners and end users.

The Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings with it new technical capabilities and several challenges in terms of ISV product upgrades and the development framework. These challenges include but are not limited to extensibility of development for future versions, development of workspaces, and adding BI to the workspace. SAGlobal’s experience of working with numerous ISV product for Microsoft Dynamics AX and in depth knowledge and expertise on Microsoft Dynamics 365 prompted Loki Systems to select SAGlobal for the project.

SAGlobal administered the upgrade effort to LOKI Systems as a packaged service whilst including various development components as part of the solution. Loki Systems provided basic training on their existing product on 2012 and SAGlobal not only re-implemented that functionality seamlessly in Microsoft Dynamics 365, but also did refactoring of the product for LOKI to bring in more alignment with the Microsoft model of how they wanted ISV solutions to be structured.

Step one was to conduct a comprehensive Dynamics 365 upgrade analysis. This ensured that Loki had all necessary information with respect to effort and cost before the product upgrade project was started. The project started towards the end of September 2015 and the timeline to meet first wave of Microsoft AppSource approval was met by mid January 2016. LOKI Systems’ Advanced Payroll for Dynamics 365 was one of the first applications approved for Microsoft AppSource.

The StaffRightAX product included order of million and half lines of code, more than 100 forms and tables. LOKI needed more than just development resources in order to convert their StaffRightAX workforce management solution before being tested. SAGlobal’s deep knowledge of the Dynamics 365 platform gave LOKI Systems the confidence to outsource the product conversion to SAGlobal. Dynamics 365 upgrade requires variety of skillsets and an increased capacity of development resources, SAGlobal was instrumental in filling in the additional resources with the required skillset within the timeframe required for the Dynamics 365 upgrade effort.

Development and Upgrade Services provided by SAGlobal

  • Dynamics 365 upgrade analysis and effort estimation
  • Setting up the Dynamics 365 development environment on AZURE
  • Resolving the task lists that were produced by the LCS code analyzer tool
  • Resolving compile errors on the Dynamics 365 environment
  • Using extensions and delegates framework around standard modification
  • Development of Data Entities
  • Processing Data Packages in LCS
  • Updating the form styles in UI
  • Developing a BI workspace
  • Developing reports
  • Developing the required Business Process Modelers in LCS to support the ISV solution
  • Resolving all Customization Analysis Report findings
  • Software Package split
  • Develop an installer which was used to deploy models
  • Creating a solution package with all the assets for the curation process

Project Time Frame


  • Outsourcing the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations development and upgrade work to SAGlobal, enabled LOKI to focus on their core work and ongoing tasks without any interruptions. This meant they had bandwidth for new opportunities and other feature development work that they were focusing on to reach out to newer markets
  • Knowledge transfer provided by SAGlobal at the end of the project has enabled Loki to kick start development solutions on the new version of Dynamics 365
  • Having their solution upgraded to Dynamics 365 and published on Microsoft AppSource has definitely given LOKI Systems an edge over other partners in getting discovered by other businesses and having better opportunities in the Microsoft Dynamics market

Future Plans

SAGlobal has already started working on the next milestone for LOKI Systems and has been tasked with:

  • Developing Dynamics 365 reports and BI workspace for the Payroll solution
  • Upgrading LOKI Systems’ ISV to the next update from Microsoft in the future

“There are lot of organizations that are capable but for us SAGlobal demonstrated that they were very flexible, they were quick to respond and they were committed to meeting our deadlines.”

Richard Swann, President, Loki Systems Inc.

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