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CASE STUDY: Using Sure Step Migration Tool for Dynamics AX, SAGlobal ports client business data from SL to AX

This case study showcases how SAGlobal addressed Cinemark’s need for an ERP application that would provide improved global functionality by porting their application from the existing Dynamics SL platform to the Dynamics AX platform. With its global footprint and Microsoft owned Brazilian localization, the project was a grand success.

Using the Sure Step Migration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAGlobal was able to provide their client with a low cost, reliable process to move the client’s business data from Microsoft Dynamics SL to Microsoft Dynamics AX. As part of the Microsoft TAP program (Technology Adoption Program) SAGlobal Brazil leverages the newly released Sure Step Migration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX to meet data conversion needs from any platform into Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The Client

Cinemark, one of SAGlobal’s key clients in Sao Paulo, Brazil currently manages their business with Microsoft Dynamics SL being an active customer since 1999.

Business Situation

Cinemark needed an application which would better provide global functionality. Microsoft Dynamics AX, with its global footprint and Microsoft owned Brazilian localization was a perfect choice.


After evaluating their future growth and new requirements they selected Microsoft Dynamics AX as their new business solution. Simultaneously, SAGlobal was presented with the opportunity to expand their existing TAP program participation to the newly developed Sure Step Migration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX. The tool provides an extensible data conversion framework based on Microsoft SQL 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) and Microsoft Dynamics AX data import classes. After evaluating the tool, the team felt it would be a great fit for the Cinemark implementation.


Using the tool, SAGlobal substantially accelerated the Cinemark data migration timeframe while adding greater control and flexibility over standard data conversion methods.

Key Benefits to Cinemark (Client)

  • Lower cost data conversion
  • Quickly jumpstart data migration phase – much of the framework already in place
  • Reliable, accurate process

Key Benefits to SAGlobal (Partner)

  • Standardised, repeatable migration methodology (use with other clients)
  • Extensible framework to add specialised rules or expand scope of data conversion
  • Substantially less code and scripts to write than standard data conversion methods
  • Ability to use the framework with any source system (legacy, competitor, other Microsoft Dynamics products) by just adding new source adapters

What the tool provided:

  • Migration process management framework
  • Data staging tables
  • Target adapters for key business areas such as finance, inventory, and order processing. (Target adaptors move data from the staging tables to Microsoft Dynamics AX).
  • Exception handling process
  • Basic validation packages

What SAGlobal provided:

  • Migration process management framework
  • Data migration knowledge and expertise
  • Source adapters to move data from Microsoft Dynamics SL to the staging tables
  • Extensions to the tool’s standard staging tables, validation packages and target adapters
  • New components (staging tables, validation packages, and target adapters) for additional business area not covered by the tool’s standard scope

Sure Step Migration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Grace Model

Future Source Adapters

SAGlobal is planning development on additional source adapters for:
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • JBA Software
  • Infor SunSystems
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